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One of the best reasons to put your logo onto our USB Promotional Sticks is...  to increase the integrity and the security  of your data. You can't afford to have your employees taking unauthorized data home or loading unauthorized files onto your network. Create a rule right now - No company data is to be transferred to unauthorized USB drives!


USB Promotional Sticks - Many Unique Styles to Choose From

Originally the USB promotional sticks were used as high-end advertising specialty items but today...


USB promotional stick example with the advent of personal identity theft and corporate data theft we see more and more company's creating data protection plans.


These data protection plans are structured to ensure that sensitive company information remains with ONLY those personnel that have a "need to know."


To protect your company's sensitive data at the BARE MINIMUM you must take these 2 steps.


Step #1: Is to create uniform USB promotional sticks that are either laser engraved or printed with your company's logo prominently displayed.


Step #2: Ban, outlaw, confiscate, and/or impound all nonUSB promotional stick example #2 authorized USB devices.


There can be no compromises when implementing Step #1 and Step #2.


Look at it this way... if you don't have uniformed USB promotional sticks at your location then how in the world would you know who has your information and where that information is going!


I bet you have uniformed ID badges to let employees into the building. But do you have uniformed USB promotional sticks that allows your sensitive company data in to and out of your building?


Your company's data can be made even more secure by adding USB promotional stick example #4password protection to each drive and by having each drive assigned it's own serial number at the factory.


Individuals are not the only ones having their identity stolen. Corporations are having their data lost, misplaced or even stolen at an alarming rate.


Start taking a proactive role in securing your company's data. Order USB promotional sticks with your company's logo prominentlyUSB promotional stick example #3

stamped on the devices.


JDP Digital, Inc. specializes is providing bulk USB Promotional Sticks to corporations. Each unit can be imprinted with a logo, serialized and password protected right at the factory.


New USB Promotional Sticks design... THE GATOR Low cost, cap-less and easy to use!

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