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At JDP Digital, Inc. we have been providing USB Flash Memory Keys to schools and universities for several years. Here are several reasons why you would want to put your logo on our USB Flash Memory Keys:
  1. These can be package to be sold in your bookstore.

  2. Use them as a fund raiser. 

  3. You will immediately cut down on the theft of your USB Flash Memory Keys by stamping your school's logo prominently on the the device.

  4. Your student's data can be secured by password protection and/or it can also be encrypted. 

  5. Your students will appreciate, keep, and use these devices daily.

  6. You can preload your schools advertising message on the USB Flash Memory Keys and give them to prospective students. 

  7. Your IT departments will be able to use these USB Flash Memory Keys as Boot Disks for emergencies! Keep several of these in stock and preloaded them with the boot instructions for each of your computer's individual operating systems.

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Sample of USB Flash Memory Key with SCDS custom logo.

Sample of usb flash memory with Virginia Tech School Logo

Sample of usb flash memory with Dent Middle School Logo

We not only have the ability to customize your School's Logo on our USB Flash Memory Keys, but you can also customize USB Pen Drives, USB LED Lights, USB Mice, USB MP3 Players, USB Web Cams, USB Hubs and USB Card Readers. 

We sell all of our USB Products at a DISCOUNTED Bulk Pricing Rate.

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