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Web Keys are the perfect device to drive prospective customers to your website or your online catalogue!

Do you have a difficult URL to remember or an online catalogue that is buried deep on your website? How about a secure location on a website that will only be accessed by very specific people? Do you have a promotion that is to be used for a specific period of time? 

All of the above questions can be handled with a promotional web key. A web key is a USB device that once plugged into a USB port will take the customer directly to the page it was programmed to open. 

The advantages of a Web Key are:

  1. Low Cost - less expensive than a programmable USB Memory Key or Credit Card Memory.

  2. Programmed to drive customers to one specific web page on your website.

  3. Plug and Play - No software needed.

  4. Allows you to continually update your online catalogue without having to notify your customers - they have the keys to your store!

  5. Promote a specific product, advertising campaign, or use in conjunction with your direct mail marketing campaigns.

  6. Promote an entirely new website. A promotional web key would be the perfect low cost method to get a website noticed.

  7. Web Keys can be used as security devices that allow only specific personnel to have the keys to your secure Internet location.

  8. Always virus free and unbelievably easy to use.

  9. Two sided imprint available.

Web Keys

Each Web Key is individually packaged. The clear packaging is  designed to be handed out at trade shows. Stock and custom colors are available on our Promotional Web Keys.

Web Key Packaging

Promotional Web Keys

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