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International Orders

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Why JDP Digital, Inc. for your next international USB flash memory order?

At JDP Digital, Inc. we have been shipping our custom logo USB FlashInternational orders pic 1 Memory to international locations for many years. Here are several reasons why you would want to use JDP Digital, Inc. for your next USB Flash Memory order:

  1. JDP Digital, Inc. prides itself on guaranteeing delivery of your order. We will not accept an order if we don't think we have a 100% chance of hitting your international delivery date.

  2. The US dollar is down to most international currencies making the USB flash memory products very affordable when shipped from the United States. 

  3. We only use new flash memory in our units. We do not use recycled or refurbished memory in our products. In fact our USB memory data destruction service actually grinds up and completely destroys the memory sent back to us for recycling.

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Your Company Name:*
Your Name:*
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International Policies:

  1. New customers: All payments must be done by wire transfer before the product is shipped to your location.

  2. Current customers: Payment terms will be setup on a case by case bases. Orders under $1,500 US can be made by credit card if the "ship to" address matches the credit card. Orders over $1,500 US must be made by wire transfer.

  3. All orders are FOB United States.

  4. You must provide a shipping account number from either DHL, Fedex, or UPS for us to ship to your location.

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