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We have the ability to customize or personalize MP3 Players for your next promotional corporate event. 

We are the leading ad specialty MP3 Player company in the advertising specialty industry. We only sell our products with DISCOUNT Bulk Pricing.

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  • MP3 Player combines the removable storage drive features ofMP3 Player, personalized, promotional #209 the JDP Digital's USB Flash Memory Keys  and adds the latest in MP3 music player technology. The MP3 Flash Drive will replace your portable cassette players and cd players!

  • Great sound and versatility for playback of MP3 audio files. Simply load any MP3 music file to your MP3 Flash Drive via your USB port, and the player will automatically find your music when you are ready to play.

  • No moving parts so no skipping! Ideal for dynamic environments like walking, jogging, or working out at the gym.

  • Sleek, Compact Design makes it convenient for carrying around anywhere, even on your keychain!

  • MP3 player, promotional personalized #803Up to 12 hours on continuous play from one charge.

  • MP3 Flash Drive capacities available up to 8GB.

  • MP3 Flash Drive is a must for anyone that uses a computer and listens to music.

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View our current samples - CLICK HERE!


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